Best Congratulation and Graduation Quotes

Congratulation and Graduation Quotes

Congratulation graduation quotes

Congratulation graduation quotes

You must be excited and proud of your loved ones because they have done well in their academics and have blossomed in flying colors, Graduation day is always filled with excitement, merriments, uncertainty, and emotions. What happens after graduation? What about the dreams and aspirations and hopeful future you have always mapped out while studying and its time to pursue those great dreams.

These Congratulation graduation quotes/quotes carry heartfelt wishes, thought-provoking pieces of advice and words of encouragement as they go on from this beautiful day.


We have always believed in you and you have never let us down, this is why we hold the unwavering view that you will excess in all your endeavors. Congratulation to the newest graduate in town.


I was there when you took your first step, I was also there the first day of your school life, I saw how you excelled in all your high school activities we have always been proud of you from day one, even when you had some difficulties in some school projects you never relented, you were always pushing your self to do better and overcome challenges. Now you have finally scaled through with flying colors, I couldn’t be prouder my dear boy. Congratulations.


I have always told you what you could achieve if you work hard, I am very happy you listened to all those my long talks, you never took any for granted, now you can see that good thing come to those who wait and also work towards it. You have worked so hard to be among the graduates today. You deserve it, my dear. Congratulations.


Congratulations, you are done with college. You can wear that gown with pride because you earned it. I wish you well as you continue the journey of education, I am confident you would do wonderfully well. Party hard, it’s been a long year. Congratulations once again.


Now you can see that those late night reading, those times you spent alone studying (cracking those brains of yours), those times you couldn’t play ball with your peers, those times you couldn’t go clubbing with your mates, the dedication and discipline mom and dad has always preached to you. I am glad you can see those sacrifices all paid off. You have done well and we couldn’t be prouder. It’s time to celebrate because it’s a happy day. It won’t be long before we welcome you into the 9 – 5 gang. Congratulations the sky is your limit.


Cheers to an obedient lad, you have impressed not just me but the world with your excellent result. I know that this is just the beginning of your life journey, success is sure because we all can see how bright your future is. Congratulations my dear.


It’s a day we all have longed for, the day we celebrate with you, the day you finally say bye to school, you have worked hard to be among the grandaunts today, I wish you success as you enter a new phase of life. But now you have to loosen yourself and have fun. Congratulations.


As you begin a new phase of life’s struggles and challenges, may you always wear that garment of determination that saw you through school to beat any obstacles life throw your way. Congratulations on your graduation. We are always proud of you.


You have done well my lil miss genius, you shoot, and you score, you told us you were going to make us proud, we never doubted you for a sec. I wish you all the best in your next phase of life. Happy graduation my love, you are unstoppable.


You have always dreamt big, and you have these weird aspirations that one might begin to wonder how you are going to come through with those big moves, I must say, my eyes have been opened now, I am faith in you, and I am actively supporting you. Congratulations sweetheart.


As you open the gate of your new life, note that many trials and challenges are all boxed up, waiting for you, but I trust you will do well to overcome them. You are the best, and the sky is your limit. Happy graduation my genius.


I know you have never been scared of new challenges, that’s how I believe you are going to conquer on this new phase of life. Congrats and I wish you well in your brand new world. I am proud of you, keep doing exploits.


Finally, you say bye bye to be an underdog, and now you have been freed and given the liberty to excel, nothing is holding you back, I just got one word for you champ, take it, easy tiger. Congrats my friend. Happy graduation.


Now it is time to get on with whatever plan you have and break those barriers of success, its been a long time coming and I believe you have waited for this moment all your life, you are ready, and we all believe in you. Congratulations my boy. You make us happy all the time. Happy graduation.


Congrats, my dear, I am confident that you are ready because you most certainly will be overwhelmed by lots of openings and golden opportunities to pursue your dream. I know this how? You are a whiz, and it’s no doubt you are going to make us proud. Happy graduations.


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You have been nothing short of brilliant, look how you passed out with flying colours, with a brain as hot as yours, you will surely excel at anything you set your mind. I felicitate with you, my dear. Congrats.


On hearing the news about your graduation, I was filled with joy, and I knew how hard you worked to get to this point in your life. I am so happy for you, and I wish you well as you enter another chapter of your life. Good luck my dear. Congratulations once small.


Congratulation on your big day, an excellent way to go, I am so proud of you my boy. Success is sure for you, and I know this because even a blind person can see how bright your future is. Happy graduation.


Congratulation my dear, you are welcome to the world of hustlers, I know you are coming to lead rather than hustle because you are a whiz, looking back at the fantastic things you have accomplished, I couldn’t be any prouder of you. You deserve all the accolades. Happy graduation dear.


Today is the result of all those late nights you had to study for the early morning tests, practicals and exams. I know how you had to let the boys go to parties without you because you knew your purpose in school, now you can go to all the parties in the world because you are now a graduate. I am so happy for you, congratulations my friend.


I will let the whole world know how my baby is making me a proud papa, the achievements are incredible, it validates what we have known for a long time, you are a genius. My baby is a genius, congratulations, my love. Happy graduation.


Congratulations on the great feat, I know very well it wasn’t easy, but your hard work and determination have gotten you this far, and I know you it will take you to greater heights. Congratulations my dear.


Congrats my lady, life will throw challenges your way but let the fire in you keep burning giving you all the strength you need to pull through and excel in whatever you set your sight on. When the going gets tough, please stay strong, and I believe you will do great. Congratulations again.

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