31 Cute Paragraphs for her to Wake Up to – New(2019)



cute paragraphs for girlfriend

Cute Paragraphs for her to Wake Up to

1. This is awesome,

And it’s lovely,

It’s amazing,

Why do we have all this to ourselves?

We promise each other love for life.

We built this ourselves.

I love you so much, darling.



It’s normal for you to always want to be around your lover, if you don’t have this feeling, I am sorry you don’t love your partner,

It’s as simple as that.

This is the season your partner needs all the love she can have, be a good lover and not just tell him or how much you love them, also show your love in actions. Don’t just be a talker, be a doer.

But you can start by sending the above cute paragraphs to your girlfriend or boyfriend.


2. Our world is full of endless bliss, many moments full of fun, my heart full of joy and happiness, just look at what your love has brought to me, it’s way more than luck, I am really blessed having you in my life, you mean the whole world to me, I love you so much.


Its not abnormal if you have felt this way before, if you haven’t, you are really missing, this is a great feeling and this is when you are at your sincerity of heart, when in this state and your partner ain’t close to you, grab your phone and forward the above cute paragraphs to him/her, and when you see your partner in person, show him or her you really mean what you sent. Good luck champ.

I bet you have felt this way before.

Wait, haven’t you? If no, you don’t know what you are missing.


3. My heart beats for you my love, this feels so good,

Knowing you are the reason, how do I know this?

Because my heart told me not to leave you alone, not even for a second.

This love has given me everything, this is why I love you so much.


Let her know it is beautiful serenity whenever you are around her,

Never stop telling her how much her love means to you,

Let her know you are sure, and not just trying to get under her skin.

If you know your relationship is a great one,

Copy and paste this beautiful paragraph to her and watch her smile throughout the day.



4. The joy I feel inside me is just out of this world,

My heart reeks for you all day,

I wish I could explain in words,

But this is beyond my reasoning,

The rhythm of your love flows through my vein,

I feel it all day,

I want to let you know that I love you with my life,

This love I have for you can’t be shaken.


Isn’t it beautiful to be with the one you love?

And you know that your partner loves you the same,

Have you ever feel this way, your heart just keeps beating fast?

Don’t hesitate to let him or her know, this is exactly the way you are feeling right now.

Go ahead and send her the beautiful paragraph right above you.


Romantic Paragraphs for Girlfriend

5. When I close my eyes, all I see is your smile, my future with you is so bright, because you have changed my life completely, I don’t need the sun, you brighten up my day, I don’t need the moon, you brighten up my night, you all one big bumper package. You came with everything I have wished in a partner. Thank you. I love you so much.


6. My love you mean the world to me, I want to let you know I will care so much for you, I want to always be there for you, making you happy is my life top priority, you are an amazing being, you are beautiful both inside and outside, you have a heart of gold, and your smile can make an insane man go sane, I love you with all my heart, and I would do everything in my power to see you don’t lack anything, you deserve even more than I am offering. Our kids are gonna be proud I married the best mom for them.


7. My sweetheart, my lover, my wife to be, my best friend, the one that makes me feel alive, without you I am useless, the best thing that ever happened to me is you, not a day passes I don’t appreciate my creator for giving me you, with you in my life I am ready for anything that comes my way, you have been the difference in my breakthrough I can’t be grateful enough my world, you came into my world and light up every dark area, giving me much reason to be happy, I am so happy having you as mine, I love you so much.


8. Sometimes I get afraid of losing you, but you look at me with all honesty in your eyes and tell me, I will never lose you, you don’t just see me as your boyfriend, also as your best friend, father and life coach, I want you to know that you are the best girlfriend in this world, you are more than enough for me, you are perfect, honestly I couldn’t have wished for a better girl than you, its amazing that you are all mine, and I will never do anything to make you feel less loved. You are my world, I love you so much.


9. It has always been smooth sailing with you, even in the valley, it’s always pleasant walking by your side, being in love with you was never a risk I took, rather its the goodness and meekness I saw in your eyes that drew me to you, and that has never changed and wont change, its very sweet you love me same as I love you, this has got to be my life greatest achievement, because having someone like you feels so good like that feeling you get when you win a jackpot. I love you so much. you are my life’s jackpot.


10. I have searched all my life, I have searched everywhere for the treasure, at a time I gave up, it was when I met you I found out that the treasure  I have spent my life searching for, has been in front of me, all my life, you are truly a rare gem, this is why you are so precious to me like air. I love you so much my priceless jewel.


Cute Messages for her

cute paragraph for her to wake up to
Cute Paragraphs for her to Wake Up to

11.  You’ve seen me at my best, you have seen me at my worst, yet you love me.


12.  Its true you are the only person, because of the love you have for me, I know the true meaning of Love and affection, sadness and happiness, life and death. I love you in all sincerity and honesty.


13.  I like Everything about you, I think about you all the time, how I have found my soulmate, I hope and pray we fall in love with each other in our next life, I love you so much.


14.  You are the first thought of the day when I wake up, baby don’t worry we will move passed this hassle and struggles because you love me, I love you so much.


15.  The best thing that has happened to me in my whole life is LOVE. Loving you is my life and spending my life with you is my dream. Please let my dream come true with you.

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Cute Paragraphs for your Girlfriend

16.  Regardless of what might have happened in our previous lives, we decided to let go of all those bad vibes and completely put trust in ourselves, see the way we love each other, you are my queen for real.


17.  Once upon a time, I was a single person and lonely too, then the unbelievable happened, the lady with the most beautiful smile came into my life, since then my life has never been the same, you are like water to plant, without you, I will die.


18.  I just want you to give me something, just a part of you would do, and watch me take care of it with everything I have got, I love you, and I ain’t joking when I say I will give my life for you if it comes to that.


19.  It will be a big shame if I can’t come open and confess these feelings I have got for you, I am not ashamed to tell you I am crazily in love with you, will you please grant me access to your heart, let me take care of it, let me the one to give you everything.


20.  Since the day I set my eyes on you, I thought it was a part of your body that got me attracted to you, but again I have seen more beautiful girls, so why am I so drawn to you, then my eyes were opened to see it was your beautiful heart that I got so drawn to, your kind of person is rare, I will be more than happy having you in my life. I love you.


21.  I opened my heart to you, you saw demons, hates, regrets, insecurities, misplaced priorities, but that didn’t stop you from loving me, sometimes I wonder what is it you saw or how you saw it, you tell me you saw goodness in me, and that made you stay with me and fought, look all you have done in my life, you have changed me totally I am now reformed, my heart is beautiful again filled with love, all these because you love me, I doubt if I can return the favor, but let me spend my life giving you good love. Good morning my love.


22.  I can’t count all the love and care you show to me on a daily, I have everything in my life and I love it, I couldn’t have been any happier than this, there is no better girlfriend than you, the beautiful moments with you are too sweet, I think I will lose my mind if I go a day without talking to you and seeing your beautiful smile, I love you so much bae.


23.  Our relationship has been a fantastic one, I personally haven’t really done much, it’s you and I want to take this time out and appreciate you especially, for all your efforts it’s been nothing short of perfect, you deserve more than a medal, your love for me is unshaken and I want to assure you my love for you will never die. I love you so much, my queen.


24.   You give me sweet love, I thought my life was missing that spark, yea, I was right, because since I fell crazily in love with you, my life has been shinning, no thank you can be enough for you, you are the real MVP, I will love you till my dying days.

cute paragraph to send to your girlfriend after an argument

25.   I want to make it my sole purpose in life, making you the queen of my heart, I have dedicated myself to serving you until eternity, I will make sure I give you everything that you want, all my love you have got and because you have given me sweet love and care, doing everything for you with all of my heart is my life goal, you stooped so low just to be with me, I will remain honored for this rest of my life. I love you, my queen.

Did you just wrong her? This can be a good replacement for an apology, you will not go wrong using this lovely paragraph. Copy and paste this paragraph into her inbox.


Very long paragraph for her

Do you know the right paragraphs can send your partner into a frenzy like it could literally make her feel like she is the only person in the world, that goes a long way in shaping your relationship in great ways that your partner would keep falling deeply in love with you. These cute paragraphs will make your partner realize how much you love her. There are more than enough paragraphs to choose from, check them below.


26.  Each new day I realize how you keep changing my world in ways I never imagined, I wake up every morning so excited, in the night I go to bed feeling so happy, saying I am lucky to have you is so wrong, because luck has never been good to me, I say I am blessed having you as my partner, I am complete with you and you are the only thing that matter to me. I love you so much, my sweetheart.

This is cool, reassuring her of the love you have for her, this beautiful paragraph will let her see that you adore her and nothing else matters when you are together.


27.  You are such a rare gem, how I ended up with you is beyond my reasoning, heaven must have smiled on me, because I have gotten the perfect woman as my life partner, you are such a beautiful person with a heart of gold, you have infected me with your unique smile, my life changed the moment I met you, the love you give me, I never thought a person like me could ever have, even when you are in my arms I just don’t want to let go. You are my queen, forever I will love you.

This is a great compliment for your partner, feel free to spoil her with some beautiful words, you want to make her smile all through the day or you have a special request from her, this paragraph can just do the magic.


28.  Everything about you us great, I love your smile, I love the way you smell, even when you get angry you still look ravishing, baby don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to hurt you, because you have made me the happiest man every day of my life, the care and love you give me is second to none, I wish we can just marry now, I don’t want to waste any more time, because the more I wait I feel I will lose you, I want you to feel special with me, because you are the only person in this world that gives me sanity, without you in my life I can go mad, that’s why you are amazing and spending the rest of my life with you is all I want. I love you my heart.

This can be the pre-wedding proposal before the actual proposal, isn’t cute? Haha!


cute paragraphs for her to wake up to copy and paste

29. I have made a promise never to hurt you, and I am keeping it no matter what, you are much more important to me than my ego, I hate it when we are not on talking terms, because it’s like a part of me is dead, that’s has got to stop, and I promise to be the best companion to you, I just want to love you forever.


30. The wing of love is wide enough for us, so let’s hop in and fly together. I want to be with you forever, and together our love will continue to break ethnic barriers. I love it when your head rests on my chest, it means you feel safe with me. My love for you is everlasting, thank you for being in my life.


31. The love you have for me makes me feel like I don’t deserve you, it’s hard to believe a guy like me could be loved like this, I have found happiness with you, anytime I am with you my mind is at rest, your work on my life is like magic, I just want to show you that you mean more than the world to me, I will work my ass out to see that everything you deserve in this life, you will get. I cherish you so much.

cute paragraphs for her to wake up to copy and paste with emojis

32.  I cannot evaluate the velocity at which your love is building up in my heart, I am pretty sure of one thing, that if it continues this way I might go crazy with the thought of you ever leaving my sight. I love you so much I want to grow old with you in my arms 😚😚😍😍


33.  I can’t get fatigued staring at you, and every day is like I am getting to meet a new you. Little wonder why everyone admires you. Our love is forever and cannot go into oblivion. I will love to reiterate that you are irreplaceable. I love you forever 😃😁😊😍😍😘😘


34.  It was terrific setting my eyes on you for the first time, 👁👁👓👓 and I couldn’t get hold of my self for days, I went to sleep with the thought of your face, I am happy I was able to make a move to tell you how I feel, its all been pleasurable with you. You give me sweet love. I have got nothing to worry because you are the best.😍😍😘😘

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