Happy Christmas Cute Text Messages and Wishes


Happy Christmas Cute Text Messages and Wishes

Happy Christmas Cute Text Messages and Wishes

May your Xmas be filled with love and laughter

May you receive lot of good gifts

May favor find you and your family this season

I hope I have put a smile on your face with this Xmas message.

Happy Christmas. Please enjoy your day.



Jingle bells rock, all slamming

Big Santa is coming to town

Enjoy this Christmas, because it is the season of love

As you spend lavishly, do remember those who have less to eat and drink.

Happy Christmas.



Cool breeze, beautiful Christmas lights, and trees.

Angels with white globes and shiny crown chiming

All singing in one accord, joyous celebration

Wishing you Christmas with love and peace and unity.



May the good spirit that comes with Christmas engulf your beautiful homes with love and happiness, and do not hesitate to share the love to the less privileges. Enjoy your Christmas.

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As you celebrate this Christmas, may the spirit of happiness that comes with you remain with you and your household through the New Year.


Dancing around the Christmas tree

Rocking my new Christmas shoes

Wearing my cute Christmas hats

Opening my Christmas gifts

Sharing the love of Christmas

Praying for everyone this Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


So many beautiful and smiling faces this season, do what will put a smile on peoples face, enjoy with friends, don’t forget to extend the love too, and may the happiness that follows with giving follow you to the new year. Happy Christmas.


We give almighty all the glory because it all belongs to him alone.

For he has given us joy abundant, happiness undeserved

Peace within, May the name of the Lord be blessed.

Happy Christmas all.


This is the most important time to be with people you love and keep in touch with some good old friend.


Let’s jolly together and have fun, for Jesus is the reason for the season.



It was beautiful working with you all, your partnership is impeccable, we wish you all a merry Xmas, thanks for making this year a great one for us all. And we hope to keep our good partnership next year and beyond. Merry Christmas once more.


Your gold is meek and as shiny as gold, goodness is written all over your heart and you deserve the best Christmas, I wish you success always. Happy Christmas my dearest.


The gift of success is yours, the happiness of satisfaction, peace, and unity is all I wish you my darling. Happy Christmas to you.


It’s never a dull moment working with you guys, you bring a lot of good memories, and you all deserve every enjoyment that comes with Christmas, with joy in our hearts we wish you the best Christmas ever.


Thank you all for making this year a great one, it has been fun working through this year with you guys, you remain the best team, and I wanna take time to wish you guys a merry Christmas with a lot of fun and merriment.


Happy Christmas Cute Text Messages and Wishes 2

We appreciate your generous expertise and great experience added to our work, we all want to wish you a Merry Christmas and peaceful new year. Do enjoy your Xmas.


In this season we forget the bad past, and look forward to a beautiful future in front of us, so lets us come together and celebrate this Christmas, it’s gonna be a great year ahead. Let’s believe.


Even when everyone has forsaken me, Santa came around and showered me with a lot of gifts and presents.

Thank you, Santa for making my Christmas a memorable one. I know New Year is going to be great.


If you are carried by huge ma with big belle, putting red clothes with a beautiful hat on, with big van please just stay calm, no cause for alarm I asked Santa clause I wanted my baby girl for Xmas. Happy Christmas love, it will be fun seeing you today.


This is me welcoming us into the season of plenty love and giving, I am wishing you all a Christmas filled with love and peace. Enjoy your Christmas with a lot of fun.



Enjoyment and happiness, beautiful gifts and lovely food with friends and family, as you celebrate the holidays may this joy and happiness stick like glue to your life. Amen. Happy Christmas.


May Jesus visit you and your family today and fill your home with love and happiness this joyous season.



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